Good Dog Training is Really Good Communication

If you love dogs, you couldn’t imagine a a home without them. It’s frustrating when communication breaks down. Dogs and people do see the world differently; what makes sense to a dog, can be the complete opposite of what’s natural for you!

“I don’t need an ‘Interpreter’, …or do I?”

No, not really.  But why struggle with old school methods? Did you decide to get a dog to battle for “dominance” for their lifetime? I’ve spent plenty of time debunking training myths and false beliefs about how dogs learn.  If you’ve just brought home a new puppy, or are living with an adult dog with unproductive habits, I can teach you how to “dialogue” with your dog, so they can actually hear you.   Trying to cope with problem behaviors like separation anxiety, poor on-leash manners, or fear-based aggression, is just that–coping. Let me help you and your dog make real progress with positive, fair, effective methods.  I offer:

Individualized, Private, In-Home Dog Training

Meet Lesley Graham, CPDT-KA

CCPDT-Certified, Insured & Bonded

I was like any other devoted dog-lover, whatever that means.  I’d owned and trained several dogs, using time-tested, “old-school” methods.  They seemed to work well enough.  I thought there were basically 2 kinds of dogs:  Good (friendly) and Bad (aggressive). “Shy” dogs were still Good, I just felt sorry for whatever made them that way.  I didn’t know most Bad (aggressive) dogs were really “acting out”–because they were nervous, afraid, just freaked out. I had no reason to go any deeper.  Then, Fate intervened…

Training that solves problems and improves your relationship with your dog

Personalized training plans for you
Many training styles suffer from a “one-size-fits all” approach.  After meeting your dog, I’ll design a custom training plan that works for his or her unique needs...and your input matters!
Positive training that really works
I use scientifically proven, effective methods that are safe and fun!  Develop a real "conversation" with your canine friend!  Behavior problems ease as trust and confidence grow!
Convenient in-home sessions
I’ll meet with your dog where he’s most comfortable: at home!  We'll continue to train there, to minimize stress. I can train with you, or work with your dog while you’re out—whichever works best for you!

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