Does Your Pup Have a Problem?

Problem behavior help

Time out?

Sometimes, a dog’s behavior issue develops into more than we can handle on our own

Taking your dog to training class, or practicing obedience stuff at home can open communication, but learning basic cues doesn’t address behavior problems. Confusing, unproductive behavior may be caused by variable, complex factors.

You may need professional dog behavior training help.

Sometimes, things just seem to get out of control…

A 12 week-old puppy’s “quirks” are funny.  At 9 months, maybe not so much.  Maybe you know what started the problem, but applying your standard approach “which always worked with my dogs before”–doesn’t. You watch helplessly, as it gets worse.  You love your dog, but the Jekyll/Hyde thing is so not fun to deal with.  Maybe your neighbors or landlord have had it with the drama or the noise.  Now what?

Fearful/Timid–Defensive Aggression–Leash Reactivity–Separation Anxiety–Excessive Barking–Destructive Chewing–Body Handling Issues–

Many dog trainers say they do what’s called “B-Mod” or Behavior Modification.  Be skeptical of those who will “guarantee” results! Beware if a trainer immediately recommends a certain collar or device to “fix” the problem.  You can be sure these “quick fix” recipes will have unpleasant things in store for your dog! Temporarily suppressing unwanted behavior with surprise, static electricity, or pain doesn’t “Address the Stress”!

Punishing away “symptoms” usually makes your dog’s attitude worse. Absolutely, it will damage any trust that exists between you and your dog. At any rate, there will be fall-out, and that trainer won’t be there to experience it; you will!

Every dog and situation is different. You both deserve a thoughtful evaluation.  I’ll put together a combination of management, obedience re-training, counter-conditioning, and desensitization specific to your dog’s issue. You’ll learn how to ‘read’ your dog more effectively, and reduce rehearsal/practice of unwanted behavior. With better understanding of your dog’s point of view, you’ll see how positive, humane methods can improve your relationship!

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