Training Options

In-Home Dog Training
(Owner Coached)

I work with you and your dog during training visits. I’ll demonstrate, explain, and teach you the skills you need.  I’ll provide handouts, training exercises to practice on your own,  plus email and phone support throughout.

How long are these programs, and how many sessions will I need?  In the Plan Proposal you’ll receive after the Consultation, I’ll explain—up front—how I see your puppy or dog’s current status, your ‘wish list’ of goal behaviors for your pet, and what we can do to achieve those goals.  The Plan will tell you how many visits in your package, what we’ll cover, and the cost. The number of visits needed usually averages 6-8, for most straightforward cases.  If your dog has complex or long-standing behavior challenges, your recommended program may be longer.  I charge $80 per Session (that is contained in a Plan Package) for Owner-Coached Dog Training.

Day-Training Format
(In-Home, I Train For You!)

This program brings me into your home 3 to 4 times per week, to train alone with your dog.  If you love your dog, know the value of training, want to provide it, but have a jam-packed or unpredictable schedule, Day Training is for you!

Other dog owners enjoy a well-trained pet, but don’t necessarily want to become an amateur dog trainer themselves. Day-Training is a great choice for you, too!  You don’t have to be involved in training sessions!  About once a week I conduct a “transfer” session with you, to show you what behaviors I have installed, so to speak.  I am fully insured and bonded.  Scheduling and access details are in writing at the outset.

Day Training while you're at work

Taking a “Training Walk”

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