Success Stories

When we first adopted our beagle Gordie in June, he would constantly fight with our other dog, snap at us, and could not be housebroken. With Lesley’s help, we learned how our actions directly affect how Gordie behaves. Sticking to the training she provided, he is now a well-adjusted dog, who loves his brother Max. He loves to snuggle, and is fully housebroken! We couldn’t have done it alone; Lesley’s training allowed us to give Gordie a happy home!

— J. C., Canton
An adorable puppy!

Lesley helped us understand how our dog, Riley, learns.  Then, she showed us how to transfer that knowledge into the best way to train him. We appreciated her approach, and loved working with her!

— C.L., Livonia
adopting a second dog

We started working with Lesley shortly after we decided to adopt and add a second dog to our home.  Gus is full of energy, with a “party boy” attitude, and we realized pretty quickly we were going to need some help.  We weren’t disappointed; almost immediately, we started to notice positive changes in our dogs.  Lesley has a natural ability to work with dogs and it gave us hope that if we practiced, and did what she told us, we could do the same!  Thanks so much for everything!

— B. & J., Sterling Heights

Raising two sibling puppies is no easy task, but with Lesley’s expert training and advice, we are enjoying our well-trained puppies! I don’t know what we would have done without her…it’s definitely money well-spent; you’ll be so glad you hired her!

— R. M., A Happy Pet Owner (Commerce Twp)
Anxious guy gets some confidence!

Lesley’s ability to accommodate my schedule, plus training sessions being at my home, were a HUGE help for Boomer!  I loved how Lesley didn’t follow a “one-method-solves-all-dogs” approach.  I could tell she was tailoring each session for Boomer and me.  Friends and family are impressed with his improvement!  Thanks again, Lesley!

— K.R., Wolverine Lake

We started working with Lesley a few years ago, with our first terrier, Mr. Bojangles. We called her again when we brought Winston into our home. She was honestly a lifesaver for us. Lesley showed us great ways to get our pups’ attention, keep it, and even more, taught us a thing or two about ourselves as proud puppy parents!

— J.D. & E.J. of Auburn Hills

Brittanys are full of energy and vinegar!  We were worried, because this was our first dog in many years and ‘Doc’ was showing signs of unruliness and misbehavior–we were unsure of our own training abilities.  During our first session, we were amazed at the uncanny and natural ability that she had with dogs; they seemed to do whatever she requested of them…to our surprise we realized it wasn’t dog training, it was People training!

— D.M., Commerce