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“A Name is Just a Name”…or is it?

“Oh, He knows his name, he’s just :                                                 …stubborn, spiteful, blowing me off, etc.! I hear that one a lot. People say their dog’s name all the time, in just about every… Read more »

What Are “Fear Periods” Telling Us?

Behaviorists have tried to quantify this concept…but every puppy is different. Many professional handlers point to the ages of 8-9 weeks, and 5-6 months, as vulnerable “windows of transition”. Some puppies seem to navigate these so-called fear periods pretty smoothly. However, few puppies completely escape the ups and downs of adolescence.  Let me explain- Very… Read more »

Jumping-Why Does My Dog Love It So Much?

When young puppies “greet” an adult dog; jumping up to lick the face of the older dog is normal behavior. It’s called “appeasement” behavior, and the puppy is saying something like: “I know I’m smaller, I don’t mean you any harm, please don’t hurt me”.  You may have seen a dog display this show of… Read more »

The Incredibly Appealing ‘Lion-Dog’
Lion Dog is Your Friend

We’ve all seen it—the Amazon Prime TV commercial featuring an adorable baby girl and the loyal family pet.  We can’t help but sigh with sympathy for the poor, misunderstood Golden Retriever, whose approach frightens the little girl.  The baby is much more comfortable cuddling her toy stuffed lion, a fact that does not go unnoticed… Read more »

The “Enforcer” versus The “Teacher” …What’s Your Style?
Get help for Dog Training Issues

What’s Your Disciplinary ‘Style’? There’s nothing like a new dog in the house to bring out the inner philosopher in us!  Whether our teaching style is authoritative, easy-going, or somewhere in between, this can be tricky territory to navigate within a family setting. Dogs used to have a more utilitarian role… Compulsory, correction-based dog training… Read more »

Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes Dog Owners Make
Walking and Training Dogs

#10: Assume your dog “just knows” things Your canine friend is not a mind-reader, he’s a body-language reader #9: Train the new dog the same way you trained the last one Every dog is unique, even if it’s the same breed–and there could be a better way! #8: Going too fast with training A Rose… Read more »

Tips For More Walking, Less Pulling on Leash
Lesley Graham, CPDT-KA

Go for a walk down the leash and collar aisle at the local pet supply retailer… …and what do you see?  Besides a mind-boggling array of leashes and flat collars, now there are dozens of harnesses, halters, and special collar “devices” to transform your Iditarod-worthy canine into a doggie dreamboat! Did they put something in the… Read more »