Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes Dog Owners Make

#10: Assume your dog “just knows” things

Your canine friend is not a mind-reader, he’s a body-language reader

#9: Train the new dog the same way you trained the last one

Every dog is unique, even if it’s the same breed–and there could be a better way!

#8: Going too fast with training

A Rose is a Rose…, unless it’s a Sit. Dogs don’t generalize well–get those cues solid, before adding new ones

#7: Not playing with your dog every day

A big box of toys is no substitute for what they really want–YOU!

#6: Using your other dog to ‘train’ the new dog

Question: What would your preschooler learn from a class full of 8-year-olds?  Answer: not much!

#5: Being a “fair-weather” friend

Your dog always has his coat on and is ready to go!

#4: Using praise only, as a reward

Would you do more and more work, for the same pay?

#3: Expect equipment to do the training for you

Who’s on the other end of the leash? It matters more than you think!

#2: Always trying to be more Alpha, less of a friend

Forget the commercials. Your puppy is not a “wolf”–and would you really want one?)

The #1  Dog Training Mistake Owners Make:   They don’t train their dog, period!

It’s a sure recipe for chaos, surrender, or abandonment.

If you really don’t have the time to train, hire a Professional to do it for you!

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